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Chibi-Robo's Jobs'

Happiness is the currency that Chibi-Robo trades in—specifically, Happy Points that you can use to buy silhouette film.

Hard-earned Happy Points

Chibi-Robo meets a lot of colorful characters in his travels, and most of them need a little help. If you do your job well and solve their problems, they’ll pay you handsomely in Happy Points.

Space Hunter Drake Redcrest

Space Hunter Drake Redcrest is an anime action figure, so he’s always out for justice. He fancies himself a space detective. But what does justice really mean to an action figure?

Super Geotron X

This collector’s edition model is an exact replica of the famous television robot Super Geotron X. Ultimate! Geotron!! Thunder!!!

Miss Clayra

Miss Clayra teaches at the Chibi-tot kindergarten. Turns out she’s been moonlighting—working two jobs is tough!

Ketschburg and Mostardin

Ketschburg is ketchup and Mostardin is mustard. These colorful condiments will add flavor to your day with their saucy banter.

Joshy Bear

Affectionately known as JB, this aspiring teen idol wants to shine on the stage. For now, he’ll need to pay his dues with some dirty work.

This group can be pretty needy, but even these characters occasionally run out of stuff for Chibi to do. If you need something to do, use Explore on the Chibi-PC to revisit different areas and go for a stroll.

Buying silhouette film

You can use Happy Points to buy silhouette film. As you complete more and more jobs, you’ll have access to different types of film.


If you collect enough stamps, you can turn them in for special silhouette film. Stamps are hidden away in various sneaky places. You might even find them on NostalJunk!

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