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Snapping Pics

Use the Nintendo 3DS Camera to snap a picture of something that matches the shape on your silhouette film.

Load silhouette film

Select "Shoot" on the Chibi-PC to load a silhouette film.

Find a match

Look around for objects that fit the silhouette shape on the screen.

Line up your shot

Position your system to line up your object with the silhouette, and
snap your pic.

If you line up a shot with less than 60% accuracy, it won’t match the silhouette. Make sure that you have good lighting and good contrast between the object and the background. I would avoid backgrounds that are similar in color to the object.

If your accuracy is too low, your wannabe NostalJunk could turn into a NostalDud. Aww! Where did that runaway NostalDud go? It would be startling to happen upon it during a stroll!

If you are 100% accurate, you can create a cutout with the same silhouette the next time you use it. What is a cutout? Find out in the game! Also, 100% accuracy will make your NostalJunk more appealing to viewers. Think about the viewers, and not yourself.

Collect and show off your finds

Successful pics can be taken home as NostalJunk and then displayed in the exhibition room—where you can view them whenever you like.

To get more viewers, you need more exhibits. Remember: viewers especially like NostalJunk with 100% accuracy or special silhouettes. Also, try to switch out the NostalJunk in your display case from time to time. People will get tired of looking at the same thing too long or at too many similar silhouettes in the same case. On the other hand, I think it will look pretty cool if you fill a case with NostalJunk that has exactly the same silhouette shape.

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